Augustinian Recollect Students Crusaders
National Chapter

The Augustinian Recollect Student Crusader (ARSC) is the Supreme Student Council of all Augustinian Recollect Sisters Schools in the Philippines. It was founded on February 7, 1990 at Paraclete Animation Complex in Tacloban City during the coming together of the cream of the crop among the educants of all A.R. schools in the Phillipines.

This is duly registered and recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the SEC Regulatory No. A199919372, December 27, 1999. It is an official Organization of which, all clubs and other organizations are under its supervision and coordination in the studentry level only. It is governed by its Constitutions and by law duly recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).The purpose of which, is to continue the work of Evangelization in all A.R. Schools as commanded to us by our Lord Himself. It is carried out through Ministries on Liturgy, Arts, Sports, Discipline, Academics, Community Expansion and other related ministries to protect the students and the school from the infiltration of any militant group in our country today.

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