Core Values

  1. Generosity/Service
    I give myself and my resources for the benefit of others

  2. Friendship/Belonging
    I experience a bonded relationship between myself and other persons I interact with in the school and in the AREA.

  3. Faith/Risk/Vision/Worship
    I am committed to the vision and values of AREA such that the risk of personal pain and loss can be embraced by them. I create conditions where people come together before God and allow the divine to come into my life and others so that there is a single mind and heart in the community

  4. Integration/Wholeness
    I experience an undivided entity in the AREA, a person who feels and thinks, who enjoys both public and a private self and who possesses both strengths and weaknesses.

  5. Academic Excellence
    I give premium to academic excellence by achieving goals through timely, quality and adherence to moral, legal, cultural and social norms.

  6. Community Personalist
    I create and participate in a community of persons whose members interact in ways that enhance the independent creativity of the individuals while also encouraging their interdependent cooperation.

  7. Community Supportive
    I create and participate in a community of persons where there is a group of peers that can be detached from external pressures that deter one from acting with ethical principles that might be otherwise compromised.

  8. Value Innovations
    I co-create with the AREA to pursue simultaneously the differentiation of our programs and services over the other providers and at the same time lower our cost over time.

  9. Education/Certification
    I become trained or educated in a formal program so that the certification I receive at its completion will be recognized as evidence of my newly acquired abilities and knowledge.

  10. Education/Knowledge/Insight
    I search for deeper, more comprehensive understanding of human history and relationships, or the natural order through formal education programs. I creatively engage my imagination in asking questions about relationships and the natural order.

  11. Research
    I am curious about nature, human experience or social arrangements so that I pose questions, suggest hypotheses and systematically investigate their meaning. On occasions I discover new relationships or new knowledge for the good of the AREA.

  12. Care/Nurture
    I lovingly nurture persons in need of care children, the elderly, disabled and the dying. I show my love to the AREA by nurturing and caring for the school in such a way that I am not the problem nor its source.

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