1. To develop a self- directed Filipino who is comitted to building the community where he lives, promoting Christ's love to attain the Ultimate Goal-God

  2. To acquire fundamental knowledge, values and attitudes, habits and skills in language and arts, science, health, social studies, mathematics, music, technology and livelihood education and their intelligent application in appropriate life situations.

  3. To promote the harmonious development of one's powers and talents, for the realization of a pure, faithful inviolate conscience and hence lead a holy life.

  4. To foster in the academic community a sound spiritual life through religious instruction, personal guidance, encouragement to attend to the Sacraments and participate regularly in the Holy Mass

  5. To train the citizens in the exercise of their rights, duties and responsibilities in a democratic society and for active participation in a progressive and productive home and community life by providing a situation for a well-rounded development of a man, as a person and as a member of society, to develop moral character, personal discipline, civic conscience , vocational efficiency and to teach the duties of citizenship

  6. To provide an environment that will help the academic community develop into well- balanced citizens who are prepared to take their place as individuals and as members of their respective social groups or community in a democratic society

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