School Seal

THE SHIELD – Bears the National colors: Red, White and Blue, an indication that the institution is genuinely Filipino and express “PATRIA” the field of the shield.

THE CROSS – Occupies the center of the shield, to make it the most important position in the field. It symbolizes the missionary character of the Congregation of the Authorities of the School.

On the dexter side of the shield is the EMBLEM of the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters.

On the sinister side of the shield are the attributes of the blessed Virgin Mary: the ROSARY which forms letter “M” stands for Mary, and the FLOWER LILY which means purity.

THE MOTTO – “PATRIA-SCIENTIA-VIRTUS” embraces the shield.

The outer rim contains the COLLEGE NAME – Saint Rita College In the lower portion of the rim is Manila where the college is located.